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Be sure to bring the original signed affidavit to the cemetery on the day of the committal service. In addition to any stated opening and other fees, the cemetery will collect a fee of $40.00 on the date of burial for this affidavit. Please have a check payable to CATHOLIC CEMETERIES. For future reference Can we receive you Funeral Home Website address? Can we receive your Funeral Home email address? APPLICATION FOR PERMIT TO OPEN Information requested and details listed below must be answered in full. Title and Rights of Lot Owners The possession of a Certificate of Interment Rights or Deed by anyone other than the original purchaser does not guarantee ownership of or the right to use graves. Upon the death of the purchaser, the ownership of the lot is governed by Section 8 of the Religious Corporations Law of the State of New York: Lots in such cemeteries shall be held indivisible, and upon the decease of a proprietor of such lot the title thereto shall descend to his heirs-at-law or devisees, subject, however, to the following limitations and conditions: If he leaves a widow and children, they shall have in common the possession, care and control of such lot during her life. If he leaves a widow and no children, she shall have the possession, care, and control of such lot during her life. If he leaves children and no widow, they or the survivor of them, shall in common have the possession, care and control of such lot during the life of the survivor of them. The parties having such possession, care and control of such lot during the term thereof may erect a monument and make other permanent improvements thereon. The widow shall have the right of interment, for her own body in such lot, or in a tomb in such lot and a right to have her body remain permanently interred or entombed therein, except that her body may be removed there from to some other family lot or tomb with the consent of her heirs. At any time when more than one person is entitled to the possession, care or control of such lot, the persons so entitled thereto shall designate in writing to the religious corporation which of their number shall represent the lot, and on their failure to designate, the board of trustees or directors of the corporation shall enter of record which of said parties shall represent the lot, while such failure continues. The widow may at any time release her right in such lot, but no conveyance or devise by any other person shall deprive her of such right. Name of Cemetery FORMDROPDOWN Description of Plot/Crypt/Niche : FORMTEXT      Name on Certificate of Right of Burial (Entombment/Inurnment): FORMTEXT      Date of Purchase: FORMTEXT      Is person named on Certificate (Original Owner) deceased? Yes __ No ____, If so list names of the surviving spouse and all children, or other next of kin below. If there are no surviving heirs check here: ______ : Name:Relationship to original owner: FORMTEXT       FORMDROPDOWN  FORMTEXT       FORMDROPDOWN  FORMTEXT       FORMDROPDOWN  FORMTEXT       FORMDROPDOWN  FORMTEXT       FORMDROPDOWN  FORMTEXT       FORMDROPDOWN  Deceased Relationship to original owner and the deceased s name:  FORMDROPDOWN   FORMTEXT       _____ __________________________Name of applicant: FORMTEXT      Applicant s relationship to original owner:  FORMDROPDOWN  FORMTEXT      Applicant s relationship to the deceased: FORMDROPDOWN  FORMTEXT      The original Certificate cannot be presented because: FORMTEXT       FORMTEXT       State of NEW YORK ) :ss County of  FORMDROPDOWN  )  FORMTEXT      being duly sworn says:I am the applicant above named, I have read the foregoing statement and the same is true. I hereby apply to the authorities of Holy Rood Cemetery for a permit to inter (entomb or inurn) the body (or cremated remains) of:  FORMTEXT      in said lot/crypt or niche on FORMTEXT      .I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Catholic Cemeteries and the Diocese of Rockville Centre against any and all claims arising from this petition. Signature of Applicant:Address: FORMTEXT       FORMTEXT   24npr   " ( 0 2 F H J T V ʹբʹՈ{l`jhW5CJUjhW5UmHnHujdhW5UjhW5UjdhWU hW6jhW0J<U hWCJ jhWUmHnHuj hWUjhWU hW56 hW6CJhW56CJ hW5 hW]hW hWCJ4"  46na[$If2kdt$$IflL4 la$IfYkd$$IflL04 la $$Ifa$npr}I4kd $$IflL64 laGkd$$Ifl0L64 la$If2kd$$IflL4 la$ & ( 0 X Z $$Ifa$Gkd$$Ifl0L64 la$IfV X Z ^ j l       * , . 8 : ޽諢諢xkx\xjhW6UmHnHujhW6UjhW6UjhW5CJU\jhW5CJU\hW5CJ\jhW5CJU\ hW6jhWU]mHnHujhWU] hW]jhWU] hW56hW hW5 hW5CJ$Z \ ^ j ~6Gkd$$IflK0L64 la$If $$Ifa$$a$lkd$$Ifl0L604 la  _Gkd$$Iflb0L64 la $$Ifa$Ekd$$Ifl0L64 la $$Ifa$  < > @ 86lkd $$Ifl0L604 la$If $$Ifa$$a$Ekd$$Ifl0L64 la: < @ T j  V wxxy&6789˿׵zm`mPjhW5CJOJQJUjhW0J5<UhW5CJOJQJ\ hWCJ&jhWCJOJQJUmHnHu hWCJ hW>*^JhW>*CJ^JhW>*OJQJ^JhWOJQJ^Jh2256CJ\]hW56CJ\]hW6CJ]hW5CJ\ hW>*CJ hWCJhW hW6@ b V W wxYx$%&8J$ 6$[x$If][a$$ 6$x$Ifa$x$a$9GHIJKklnoyz  \^ɼjaNj%jz hWCJOJQJU^JhW5OJQJ*jhWCJOJQJU^JmHnHu%j hWCJOJQJU^JhWCJOJQJ^JjhWCJOJQJU^JjhW0J5<UhW5CJOJQJ\hWOJQJjhW5CJOJQJU$j hW5CJOJQJUhW5CJOJQJJKn`GKkd $$Ifl40W%h&4 laf4$ 6$[x$If][a$$ 6$x$Ifa$KkdH $$Ifl40W%h&4 laf402ZKkd $$Ifl40W%h&4 laf4$ 6$x$Ifa$Kkd $$Ifl40W%h&4 laf4  ",.2(.@BDXZ\fhlnﱦzp_z!j8hWCJOJQJUhWCJOJQJjhWCJOJQJU%jhWCJOJQJU^JhW>*CJOJQJhW5CJOJQJhW5OJQJ*jhWCJOJQJU^JmHnHu%jN hWCJOJQJU^JhWCJOJQJ^JjhWCJOJQJU^J@Bjl]NNN$ 6$x$Ifa$^kdd$$Ifl4FCt%1h&    4 laf4  6$x$If8kd"$$Ifl4%h&h&4 laf44^kd$$Ifl4FCt%1h&    4 laf4$ 6$x$Ifa$^kd$$Ifl4FCt%1h&    4 laf4 *,.24HJLVX\^zܽ܈uܽd܈Qܽ%j hWCJOJQJU^J!jhWCJOJQJU%jVhWCJOJQJU^JhWCJOJQJ^J!jhWCJOJQJUhWCJOJQJjhWCJOJQJUhW5OJQJ*jhWCJOJQJU^JmHnHujhWCJOJQJU^J%jhWCJOJQJU^J  02Z\^kd$$Ifl4FCt%1h&    4 laf4$ 6$x$Ifa$z|~"&ǻǒwǻdǒSOhW!j*hWCJOJQJU%jhWCJOJQJU^J!j`hWCJOJQJUhWCJOJQJ*jhWCJOJQJU^JmHnHu%jhWCJOJQJU^JhWCJOJQJ^JjhWCJOJQJU^JhW5OJQJjhWCJOJQJU!jhWCJOJQJU4^kd:$$Ifl4FCt%1h&    4 laf4$ 6$x$Ifa$^kdp$$Ifl4FCt%1h&    4 laf4 "$&dss $x$If$ $x$Ifa$`kd$$Ifl4FCt%1h&    4 laf4$ 6$x$Ifa$   2ʼʫʛԈrdʛQrdʼ%ji#hWCJOJQJU^JjhW0J<CJU*jhWCJOJQJU^JmHnHu%j"hWCJOJQJU^JjhWCJOJQJU^J!jhWCJOJQJUjhWCJOJQJUhWCJOJQJhWCJOJQJ^J&jhW0J<CJOJQJU^JjhW0J<Udf^[Jkd#$$Ifl0r'('4 la $x$IfLkd#$$IflK0r'~`'4 la2468LNPZ\ l n p ıЛБr_ЛБQAQjhW0J5<>*U\hW5>*CJOJQJ\%j)hWCJOJQJU^J!j&hWCJOJQJUjhW0J<CJUhWCJOJQJ*jhWCJOJQJU^JmHnHu%j&hWCJOJQJU^JhWCJOJQJ^JjhWCJOJQJU^JjhWCJOJQJU!j<$hWCJOJQJU^`  p ]JkdG*$$Ifl0,r'F'4 la $x$IfJkd&$$Ifl0,r'F'4 lap r ,!6!8!T!V!X!x!z!|!!ﬢﬢrarWhWOJQJ^J!jB,hWCJOJQJUjhWCJOJQJUhW5CJOJQJ\^J%jw+hWCJOJQJU^JhWCJOJQJhW5>*CJOJQJ\*jhWCJOJQJU^JmHnHu%j*hWCJOJQJU^JhWCJOJQJ^JjhWCJOJQJU^J !v!x!mbbbbb $x$Ifa$:kd+$$Ifl4r'''4 laf4 $x$IfJkd+$$Ifl0`r''4 lax!z!!!!"#cW $x$IfJkd-$$Ifl04`','4 la $x$Ifa$ $x$Ifa$:kd,$$Ifl4`'''4 laf4!!!!!!!!!##############$$$$ $&$($n%%%%%%%%%ܺܺܚܺtܚܺaܤ%j0hWCJOJQJU^J%j.hWCJOJQJU^J%jN.hWCJOJQJU^JhWCJOJQJhWOJQJ^JjhW0J<UhWCJOJQJ^J*jhWCJOJQJU^JmHnHujhWCJOJQJU^J%j*-hWCJOJQJU^J&####"$&$($Dskd:/$$Ifl4\:}R&`'C  '4 laf4 $x$If:kd.$$Ifl4`'''4 laf4($n%p%%%%%%QMkd0$$Ifl40H`''4 laf4 $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$:kd/$$Ifl4`'''4 laf4 $dhx$If%%% h h"hJhMMkd1$$Ifl40H`''4 laf4 $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$Mkd0$$Ifl40H`''4 laf4%%%%%&hhh"h$h8h:hm@mdmfmmmmm@nBnnnrntnvnnn*o.o0o2oooooooXpZppppp:q@>  Heading 3$$@&a$5D@D  Heading 4$$@&a$ 5CJ4\DA D Default Paragraph FontVi@V  Table Normal :V 44 la (k (No List B'`B Comment ReferenceCJaJ6B@6 Body Text>*CJ4>@4 Title$a$5aJ@Q@"@ Body Text 3$a$CJaJ>P@2> Body Text 2 OJQJaJ4@B4 Header  !< @R< Footer  !CJaJ<@b<  Comment TextCJaJHrH 22 Balloon TextCJOJQJ^JaJPK![Content_Types].xmlN0EH-J@%ǎǢ|ș$زULTB l,3;rØJB+$G]7O٭VvnB`2ǃ,!"E3p#9GQd; H xuv 0F[,F᚜K sO'3w #vfSVbsؠyX p5veuw 1z@ l,i!b I jZ2|9L$Z15xl.(zm${d:\@'23œln$^-@^i?D&|#td!6lġB"&63yy@t!HjpU*yeXry3~{s:FXI O5Y[Y!}S˪.7bd|n]671. tn/w/+[t6}PsںsL. 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